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ImageProduct NameAdditional Info
Product Image Unavailable Lectrum L101 lectern
  • Industry standard lectern 
  • Comes with lectern light and 2 x XLR mic sockets
Lectrun L101 silver framed lectern
  • Comes with lectern lkight and 2 x XLR mic sockets
Proscom ARC curved lectern
  • Clear anti reflective top
  • Includes 2 x mic sockets, pl;umed down to flyleads emerging from the base


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ImageProduct NameAdditional Info
Product Image Unavailable DTS SCENA 80 LED Fresnel light
  • Equivalent output and size to a 600 watt conventional lamp
  • DMX or stand alone operation
  • 3200K colour temp
Product Image Unavailable Phillips RAMA LED 1K daylight
  • 1000 watt tungsten equivalent LED fresnel
  • 6000K colour temp
  • Ideal HMI replacement for back light compensation
Product Image Unavailable Phillips PL1 LED Profile
  • RGBW LED profile
  • 500 watt tungsten replacement
Tri LED colour wash light
  • 3 x 36 watt RGB LED can
  • Strong and intense colours





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   Black Velveteen drapes

 3 meters wide x 6 meter drop

Velcro ties

  Drape hardware and rigging

2.4 - 6meter telescopic uprights

1.8 - 3 meter cross bars

600 x 600mm base plates and spigots






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Production trailer

5 x 2.5 meter Portable Production room

Well insulated, acoustically isolated and acoustically treated internally.

Inverter Air Conditioner

Cable access ports

LED Track lighting - dimmable

Flexible wall mounted shelving of various sizes

Optional audio booth can be supplied with window,  bench and monitor shelf

Cable management trays and GPO's


 2 Channel Cable ramps  1000mm long
   5 Channel Cable ramps

 Genuine Peterson Systems - Yellowjackets

900mm long