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Wired Talkback

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Glensound - Beatrice R8

Dante Talkback panel

  • 8 Channel Dante intercom station
  • Inbuilt unity gain mixer
  • Individual listen levels
  • Audio I/O via rear XLR plus GPIO
  • Headset, gooseneck mic or internal mic
  • Specs -  click here
Glensound Beatrice D4

Glensound - Beatrice D4

Dante Talkback panel

 4 Channel Dante intercom station - Desktop version

  • Individual listen leve
  • Fitted with 4 pin XLR
  • Headset, goosneck mic or internal mic.
  • Specs - click here

Glensound - Beatrice R4

Dante Talkback panel

  • 4 Channel Dante intercom station - Rackmount version

    • Individual listen levels
    • Headset, goosneck mic or internal mic.
371 Beltpack

Studio Technologies 371 

Dante talkback beltpack

    2 Channel Dante POE beltpack

Model 5422 Dante Intercom Audio Engine Studio Technologies 5422 Dante Intercom Engine
    • Creates multiple virtual party-line (PL) intercom circuits
    • IFB functions with voice and tone interrupt-audio detection
    • Perfect for REMI (Remote Integration) production applications
    • High-performance, low-latency 32-bit digital audio processin


 TWC 701

Clearcom MS702

Dual channel analoge talkback master

Incudes TWC-701 

  • 2-Channel Cable Adapter with 3-pin XLR Connectors
  • Connects TW beltpacks to two channels of a multi-channel intercom system
  • Combines Channels A and B from 2 cables to 1 cable
  • 2-Channel 1RU Main Station with built-in Speaker
  • Supports up to 55 beltpacks or 10 speaker stations on 2 channels
  • Automatic short-circuit protection and reset with LED indicators
  • Visual and audible call signaling
  • Individual volume controls for each channel
  • Program feed to both channels with selectable Program Interrupt
  • Remote Mic Kill
  • Stage Announce with relay
  • Channel A & B Link switch
  • Built-in speaker
  • Universal voltage power supply
RS 703 dual channel beltpack

Clearcom RS 703 Dual Channel beltpack

Uses single 3 pin XLR connector

  • 2-Channel Beltpack with XLR-3 Connector
  • Visual LED indicators on top of keypad
  • Tactile buttons for Call and Talk
  • Recessed rotary controls for Volume with end stops
  • Concealed, programmable DIP switches
  • XLR-3 line connectors with 2-channel connectivity
  • 3.5mm Program Audio Input jack
  • RTS-TW compatible
  • Fully compatible with current and previous Clear-Com analog partyline systems
  • Low operating current for more beltpack daisy-chaining
  • Rugged and strong construction
  • “Clear-Com Sound” for intelligible audio
Ezicom E100 Sub-Station
  • Supplied with Beyer DT108 or DT109 headset (Single or double sided)
  • Linked with ordinary XLR microphone cable
  • Powered from E400 master station through the mic cable.
Ezicom E400 Powered Master Station
  • Powers up to 20 beltpacks (E100’s)
  • 4 isolatable outputs
  • Line or mic level program input can be assigned to ether master or globally (to all stations).
  • Custom IFB output (Interruptible Fold Back) for host earpieces or stage announce.

Wireless Talkback

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ImageProduct NameAdditional Info
Freespeek2 Clearcom Freespeek 2 Digital wirless talkback 
  • Encrypted digital transmission
  • Excellent bandwidth - super clear
  • Full duplex (i.e all parties can communicate all the time)
  • Very long battery life (typically 10 hours)
  • IP rated beltpacks
  • Excellent range - approx 200m or more line of sight
Antenna Additional Freespeak Active antennas
  • Extends coverage and number of beltpacks (5 x 1.9GHz beltpacks per antenna)
  • can be supplimented with antenna splitter with connection over fibre or Cat5
Product Image Unavailable HME Mini Digital wireless system DX121
  • Supplied with 2 x wireless beltpacks with headsets
  • Can be linked with Ezicom, Clearcom, RTS and 4 wire talkback systems or run stand alone.
  • Very long battery life (typically 8 hours)
  • Ideal where you only need one or two wireless system, connected into a hardwired system
  • Inbuilt charger

Interface & Accessories

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ImageProduct NameAdditional Info
Paradiso lite Glensound Paradiso Commentators console
  • Comprehensive commentary unit
  • Suitable for 3 commentators on 1 programme or 3 separate programmes
  • Glitch free redundant Dante network audio
  • Two copper network interfaces
  • Multiple power sources (PoE x 2), Mains & DC
  • Best microphone amplifiers available
  • Local analogue and AES3 inputs & outputs for extra redundancy
  • Includes our much revered Referee compressor/ limiter
  • Windows 10 app for remote control & setup
Product Image Unavailable Strobe Alert Unit
  • Gives visual indication of call signal in noisy areas
  • Compatible with Ezicom systems
  • Powered from intercom line power
  • Switch-able buzzer